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This Week on Explore (4/19)

It’s osprey season! Audrey and Tom have laid two new eggs on their nest in Maryland. We now wait in anticipation to see if a third will be laid!
Osprey_CC First Egg_CamOp Christine_4.16.19

Elsa Hummingbird shows she is a tough momma by fighting off an intruder to protect her chick. Watch the drama unfold here:

Have you met the newest bobcat kittens from Big Cat Rescue?! Sky and her kittens were rescued from a farm and will eventually be released back into the wild. For now, enjoy super cute moments like the one below on the Bobcat cam!
Bobcats_CamOp Nan_4.17.19

Watch this week’s Fitz Facts video which focuses on the incredible and endangered sage grouse!

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