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OFSDS: Questions from Explore

We are going to start using our Blog posting to answer some of the questions asked by our Explore.org supporters each week. The questions can be submitted at ofsdsexplore@gmail.com. We have received well over 100 questions, so each week we will select approximately 10 questions that have been asked most frequently and that will be the most interesting to answer for all of our supporters.

Question: We see the staff on various web pages. Are most paid? Do you have people just volunteer time to do any jobs that may ease the pressure on the staff so that they can focus on specific jobs that only they can do?

Answer: We have approximately 15 people on staff at any given time. Five of these are full time, the rest work 30 hours or less per week. There are at least three people on at all times between 8am and 8pm. Our staff are the people who we rely on day to day. While our volunteers are wonderful, they are not required to be here at specific times and on general they work from a couple of days a week to a couple of days a month. Our volunteers help with non-time critical chores such as laundry, cleaning, watching the dogs and comforting the dogs. At this time we have over 100 trained dog care volunteers and many more who help with the laundry, at events and with computer based jobs such as preventatives and thank you notes.

Question: I have noticed several of the fur kids eating the bark off of the tree located next to the outdoor water fountain. Can ingesting tree bark be harmful to the dogs?

Answer: In this case the tree is a hickory tree which is very common in Middle Tennessee. It must taste good because everyone seems to like it. It is, however, not harmful. If they continue to do this, we may put wire around the tree for the tree’s protection.

Question: Will you accept clean/gently used queen sized blankets and bedspreads to be used for the fur kids? If so, can they be mailed directly to Old Friends?

Answer: Yes, we can always use blankets and bedspreads of all sizes. We do not, however, have any need for sheets or bed pillows. They can be sent directly to our sanctuary. Thank you for asking.

Question: Since there are so many OFSDS followers from overseas that can chat at night because of the time variations, do you think Explore will ever consider lifting the nighttime chatting ban?

Answer: The chatting ban was put in place to hopefully deter the type of group excitement that can occur when there are no moderators on the page. We can not have a situation again where someone calls the police to report a problem at the Sanctuary. We have to maintain our community relationships with the City of Mount Juliet. We are responsible to take care of our own problems and do it very well. If something like the police being called were to happen again, we would be forced to turn off the cameras completely at night, so we are trying to protect your ability to see the cameras 24 hours a day.

Question: Do many of the dogs get fostered?

Answer: Yes, in fact during the month of December, 11 seniors went to their forever foster homes. To get updates monthly on who has gone to a new home as well as lots of other information, sign up to get our newsletter here!

Question: How come we are seeing less and less of Betty?

Answer: Betty has been moved to a different room to allow her to have some separation from Gypsy who has been driving her crazy by barking at her under the covers. Betty is doing very well and is much happier.

Question: What is so itchy on Peanut’s stomach?

Answer: Although Peanut does not know he is sick, he is in progressive liver failure. This may account for his discomfort.

Question: Have you noticed significant improvements in any of the dogs who are receiving the laser treatments and acupuncture?

Answer: Yes, we have definitely seen improvement in several of the dogs who are receiving treatments. The most noticeable differences are with Kirby, Shadow, Edna and Jack.

Question: When you are brewing up a batch of the stew, do the dogs go crazy with the aromas?

Answer: Fortunately, the kitchen is at the opposite end of the building than most of the dogs.  The Reception area dogs go by the kitchen on their way to their yard and most do try to detour at the kitchen.

Question: Does music have a good influence on the dogs and staff at OFSDS?

Answer: Yes, it is proven that music of the right type can significantly reduce stress. Reggae music is known to be the most relaxing music for dogs.