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NPR Covers Story of Holly & Her Cubs

Holly and Her Cubs

Holly and Her Cubs

NPR has picked up on our brown bear superstar, Holly, with Melissa Block’s interview of Ranger Roy and a segment titled: In Alaska, An Uncommon Act Of Maternal Love. 

BLOCK: Well, as we head toward winter what do you figure the future is for this blended family of bears?

WOOD: Well that’s still the great unknown right now with them. I mean, so far, you know we’ve seen some amazing things with her. We’ve seen her adopt it, we’ve seen her nurse, we’ve seen her share food, we’ve seen her protect it from approaching bears. So the last bit of adoption that we’re unsure about is will she actually take it into the den with her. And I believe that she probably is going to do it, because at this point there’s no disadvantage to doing it, really only advantages. She might have to make her den a little bit bigger to accommodate that extra cub, but that extra body warmth of having it in the den with her will more than pay her back for that extra effort.

You can read or listen to the full story at National Public Radio here, and find out more about Holly’s family on our Bear Blog. Be sure to keep you eye out for a live spotting of our celebrities on the #BearCam.