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Polar Bear Sunset Churchill

No White Bear Is the Same 

Big white bears might all look alike at first, but don’t be fooled. Each one is an individual just like us humans. This fall on the Polar Bear Cams we will see different genders, sizes, and ages. If we watch closely, we may even see differences in playfulness or curiosity. But what we can’t see are things like parenting or hunting ability. Recently, there were sightings of a collared female with two big and healthy cubs near Churchill, which is great news. Unfortunately, just this past weekend another mother in the same region had her two cubs starve to death. What was the difference between these two families: parenting ability, hunting prowess, or just bad luck? We can’t know for sure. Such variations highlight the need for continued monitoring and a long-term commitment to the species if we hope to preserve their future.  Luckily the Cams give us a neat tool for picking out all sorts of differences among the polar bears. We hope that you will let us know what differences you see – – and check out the highlight from previous seasons as we prep for winter white bears!