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niagra falls

Niagara Falls All Iced Out

Niagara Falls and its surrounding regions have been getting pummeled by snowy icy storms lately. It’s difficult to see the beauty in the arctic blasts when you’re in the thick of it. Why not grab a blanket and a hot cup of your favorite beverage and be soothed by the sounds of rippling water – the gargantuan 3000 tons of water that flows over the falls ever second – in this meditative video featuring Niagara Falls in the midst of winter. Dazzling icicle stalactites present a moment frozen in time.┬áThe icy mist blankets trees and rocks in a contrasting white. The babbling of the water lulls you into a peaceful calm, its sheer volume allows us to contemplate something bigger than ourselves. Take the time to lose yourself in this video, and get a unique perspective of treasured natural beauty.