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New Litter at Kitten Rescue!

While many of us know that Victoria and her precious kittens are now moving along to find new homes, we are pleased to announce that Kitten Rescue has rescued a new mom and her brand new litter!

On October 14th, mom and her kittens were brought into the East Valley Shelter. Two days later, Kitten Rescue picked them up in hopes to help nurture and provide for them until they are ready to be adopted. Not much is known about their past, but Kitten Rescue speculates that they were strays that were found on the street and eventually brought into the shelter.

new kittens

Mom and her kittens are unnamed at the moment but mom is believed to be a  2-year-old Lilac Point Siamese, and all of the babies are 3.5 weeks old; there are six of them, three boys and three girls. Kitten Rescue estimates that they were born around September 24th.

We think they will be the purr-fect addition to Kitten Rescue and can’t wait to see what shenanigans they get themselves into!

Tune in here to watch them live!