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ECAD Welcomes A New Litter!

We have a cause for celebration!¬†Today is ECAD founder Lu Picard’s birthday! But that is not the only exciting birth we have to talk about!   Daisy, daughter of Blip and Emme, has given birth to ten future service dogs, three girls and seven boys. All the pups weigh around one pound and are healthy

WCC’s Rosie Gives Birth to New Litter!

Congratulations are in order for Warrior Canine Connection! On October 23 and 24th, WCC successfully delivered a brand new litter of future service dogs! “This litter of Labrador Retrievers –four girls and three boys– were born to Rosie on October 23 &¬†24, 2017. For the first 8 weeks of their lives, these puppies will be

New Litter at Kitten Rescue!

While many of us know that Victoria and her precious kittens are now moving along to find new homes, we are pleased to announce that Kitten Rescue has rescued a new mom and her brand new litter! On October 14th, mom and her kittens were brought into the East Valley Shelter. Two days later, Kitten

Meet Bergin’s X Litter!

Bergin University is proud to welcome a brand new litter of service dogs! Please welcome Litter X! Oriole gave birth to four girls and two boys and is doing a wonderful job as a first-time mother. Oriole and the father, Shadow, are both black labs that originated from Southeastern Guide Dogs. Born on September 14,

New Litter at Bergin!

Bergin University has some exciting news! They are expecting a brand new litter of Labrador Retrievers on September 15th, 2017! The expectant mother is Oriole, a black lab and a current BUCS female. The father is Shadow, also a black lab, that is from Southeastern Guide Dogs. Bergin University expects 6-8 new puppies and are

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