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Maybell Laser Treatment

Treatment at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary!

Once again, there’s been a lot going on at OFSDS over the past week. Last week we brought a lot of dogs into intake and over the past couple of days, they have been joining the rest of the gang.

Yesterday, Freckles, Brownie and Bosco, who was returned from a Foster Home, joined the Gardens Gang and all did very well with their new friends. Today, Chanel, Madison and Diamond joined the gang and Nelson, who just returned from neuter surgery a few days ago rejoined the gang. With all, things are going well. We are always looking for Forever Foster homes for most of the Old Friends at the Gardens. We have some great new companions for any family!





Because we have a large group of senior dogs who we follow for the remainder of their lives, both at the Sanctuary and in Forever Foster Homes, we are in the unique position to be able to evaluate different ways to help our Old Friends with their many age-related problems. It is part of the OFSDS mission to educate folks on things that are helpful to senior dogs and, today, we were excited to offer some new treatment options to our Old Friends. Dr. Kathy Lewis, DVM, CVA of Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Wellness came by the Gardens for a full afternoon to offer acupuncture and laser treatment to several of the Old Friends at the Gardens and a few from Forever Foster homes. We focused on the dogs with severe mobility issues such as Morty (who recently went to a new home), Darby, Tammy, Maybell, PJ, Old Friend Juliette and Cosmo. Old Friend Sylvia, who was found to have bullet fragments in her neck, was treated with acupuncture combined with electro-stimulation hoping that it will help with the inflammation as we want to avoid surgery in such a difficult area. Dr. Lewis will come back every two weeks to continue the treatment and we will monitor the progress as time goes by. It was amazing how relaxed and comfortable the dogs were during both acupuncture and laser treatment. For more information about these treatment options go here!

morty acu

morty treatment

The Dodo released a video of Old Friend Mack’s anniversary celebration this past week. Mack came to us about two years ago. He was blind when he joined OFSDS and was probably a little bit younger than our “Super Seniors” aged 10 and over, but, because of his disability, we let him join the family. Well…. Mack doesn’t know that he has a disability and gets around as well as anyone. His eyes were removed in the summer of 2016 due to glaucoma which made him much more comfortable. Fun guy Mack is not aware that he has a disability and is an inspiration to all who meet him at GrandPaw’s Gardens. You can see the video by clicking on the cover photo of our Facebook page.

We still have a few guys in intake. Today Howard, a black and tan coonhound, and Jack (who will need a new, but similar, name since we already have a Jack) came from a local animal control. They will be joining the main group next week. Tempe, a blind and deaf cocker spaniel with severe skin problems who is severely underweight, is now in the Reception Area getting to know the calmer side of OFSDS.

It’s been a busy week, but then, they all are. We’re happy to be able to share our Old Friends with you on Explore.org.

Thank you for being here with us!

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