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a place of light in the dark

Watch “A Place Of Light In The Dark” — An Explore Original Film

Lydia Mansour lost her sight from measles when she was two years old. She grew up blind. At four years old she saw the light briefly, and then it turned dark once again. In 1983, Lydia Mansour started the Peace Center For The Blind, in Jerusalem, Israel. She had no money but was able to raise a small amount to fund the center, and prayed to God to supply the rest. Lydia, and the Peace Center For The Blind have helped over 150 blind people since opening. They are able to fund the center by knitting baby blankets and other items, selling them at craft bazaars twice a year. Unfortunately, due to the political situations in the West Bank; many of their customers are not able to pass through military checkpoints to purchase the Peace Center’s goods. Therefore, they have not been able to sell as much as they had in previous years. Still, they continue on, despite the circumstances.

With the support of the Annenberg Foundation, explore has made funding possible to the Peace Center For The Blind.

To learn more please visit Peace Center For The Blind