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Live Webcast: “Tracking Down The Polar Bears”

Each winter, when Churchill’s polar bears step off land and onto the frozen Hudson Bay they become exceedingly difficult and dangerous to track and study. So how do we attain our knowledge of polar bears’ movements and behaviors and what do we hope to gain by following them? Join us Saturday, November 1st at 12pm ET / 9am PT on Polar Bear TV as host Alysa McCall teaches us about the innovative technologies being used to monitor and research polar bears and why the information being gathered is critical for their future. Polar Bears International and explore.org have partnered to bring you a captivating season of live events centered around the annual polar bear migration through Churchill, Manitoba. You can catch live Q&A’s with panels of polar bear experts or learn about the Polar Bear Week Energy Challenge. Check the schedule of live events streaming on Polar Bear TV and explore.org. Alysa McCall is field programs manager at Polar Bears International and has been heavily involved in the collaring and tracking of Hudson Bay polar bears.¬† She is passionate about science education and polar bear conservation, and is dedicated to ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy planet.

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