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Renee LeVerrier & her Great Dane, SirThomas

Did You Miss the SDP Live Chat? Don’t Worry, Watch the Full Video Here

We’ve got you covered. Check out the video of Renee LeVerrier’s Live Chat for the Service Dog Project from this week (October 14th).

Renee LeVerrier is a yoga instructor, author, artist and stroke survivor living with Parkinson’s disease. Exercising, writing and painting keep life in balance for her; her service dog Sir Thomas keeps her balanced in daily life.  As falls can be a frequent concern when living with Parkinson’s, Sir Thomas and service dogs like him provide valuable support, enhancing mobility and the quality of life for their owners. She took questions from our explore.org community and answered them in a Live Chat this past Tuesday. See the full video below: 

This is the first in a series of live chats with recipients of Great Danes from the Service Dog Project; stay tuned for future Q&As and real stories from the furry friends and the loving people who depend on them. Learn more about SDP and check in on the great dane puppies here!

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