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Dr. Terry Masear

Live Chat Wednesday with Hummingbird Rehabilitator

Rosie the hummingbird is expecting two chicks in her little nest. Watch them hatch live! If you recall, Rosie appears to have harassed Bella’s own nest, making it difficult for the mom to feed her two chicks. A decision was made to remove Bella’s nest and care for the chicks with human hands. This effort was led by hummingbird rehabilitation specialist Terry Masear, who will join us for a live chat this Wednesday, March 11th at 4pm ET/ 1pm PT on the Bella Hummingbird Cam.

Dr. Terry Masear has been rescuing and rehabilitating hummingbirds in Southern California for the past ten years. Through Los Angeles Hummingbird Rescue, Terry has received 20,000 calls and been involved in rescuing and rehabilitating 5000 orphaned and injured hummingbirds. Her new book, Fastest Things on Wings: Rescuing Hummingbirds in Hollywood, recounts the events surrounding the rehabilitation of a unique hummingbird during the summer of 2008, and describes the trials and triumphs of working with the 160 young adults that were released back into the wild that same season.

Dr. Terry will be on hand to answer your questions about hummingbird rehabilitation, so post them in the comments section of the Bella Hummingbird Cam!

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