Explore is a philanthropic media organization

Maddie is passionate about animals

Meet our newest Cam Op, Maddie!

Our volunteer camera operators are the heart and soul of explore.org’s live cams. Most volunteers begin their journeys as fans who love to watch the cameras, to connect with the animals, places, and communities that are the live cam experience who now dedicate their time and efforts bringing the best and most beautiful footage to the whole world. So please allow us to introduce the newest member of our team, Maddie, 17 years old and an avid photographer.

The young woman first learned of explore through East Coast Assistance Dogs, ECAD, as her brother has one of their service dogs. And now Maddie loves all of the cameras. Her mother sent us a touching email that we’d like to share with you:

Explore.org is the highlight of her day. She has significant medical challenges as a result of Mitochondrial disease. She also has autism. Her medical challengers are just that, challenges. She does not allow them to rule her life and she strives each day to live it to the fullest. Explore.org has allowed her life outside the house. She is taking her responsibilities as a camera operator very seriously. She is a fantastic animal and nature photographer, and hopes to bring her eye to her camera operation. You can find a small portion of some of her work at her new Facebook site MJM Originals.”

Thank you for sharing these kind words. Our hopes are that we connect emotionally with viewers and camera operators alike. But it’s stories like these that touch our spirits at explore.