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Polar Bear Mom with Cub

Live Chat: Alaskan Polar Bear Moms

This Sunday, October 26th, join us and Polar Bears International’s Alysa McCall on the explore.org Live Chat feed at 9 AM PT/11 AM CT/Noon ET to talk about the elusive polar bear mom.
Polar bear moms are very elusive and protective of their cubs; denning in remote locations far away from people. So how do scientists know anything about these maternal dens? Join PBI’s Alysa McCall as she interviews Wes Larson, BYU graduate student, about what it’s like to (safely) find polar bear mothers and cubs in their dens on Alaskan sea ice and how new technologies are making this possible.

To join the discussion, post your comments and questions in the comments section here during the Live Chat. Learn more about polar bear conservation at PBI and check out this short video on a polar bear mother with her cubs in the wild.

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