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polar bear

“Share Your Own Polar Bear Story” Contest

The story of the polar bears is a rich and time-honored one, retold year after year. The basics go something like this: Every fall, hundreds of polar bears gather near Churchill, Canada on the Hudson Bay to wait as sea ice reforms after months of summer melt, when they are forced ashore.

The story is currently unfolding; the polar bears have spent the past few months fasting, conserving their energy and living off their fat reserves. Now that autumn has returned, they’ve begun migrating north along the Hudson Bay coast in anticipation of the freeze-up. Sea ice that forms annually becomes their hunting ground and the key to polar bear survival, providing an environment to track ringed and bearded seals, and helping to make the polar bear the largest bear in the world and the top Arctic predator.

Those are the just the facts, so it’s time for you to get creative, bringing real feeling and emotion to the polar bear story by telling your own version in your own way – be it fiction, non-fiction, painting, song, poetry, or even an off-beat like a cartoon series. Our favorite artworks will earn prize giveaways or a featured spot on the explore.org blog! Please send submissions to more@explore.org along with your age, the town you live in, and a sentence or two about yourselves. Share your stories and passion for polar bears today!

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