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Let the Otis-athon Begin!

Tune in to the Brooks Falls Cam at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific TODAY (9/6/14) and help us figure out how much Otis is eating. Winners will receive a Bear Cam prize and bragging rights for figuring out what it takes to satiate hungry Otis’ appetite! 

The first person who reports back to us the correct (or closest to correct) number of salmon Otis eats today between 7am – 10pm PST (10am-1am Eastern), Saturday, September 6th will win a Bear Cam mug, tote or hat, depending on your preference. You are allowed to form a team of people to collect your count – teams are limited to 5 or less.

Our camera operators are going to make sure you have the best view of Otis on the Live Cam here. Have at him!