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three polar bears

#PolarBearCam is Underway for 2014!

Launch of the Polar Bear Cam 2014!

Pack your bags and get on the road heading north. This Friday we officially kicked off the Polar Bear Season. While you can also see Siku and his family year-round in Denmark on the Live Cams here, only in late fall through winter do the Tundra Buggy Cams go live to capture polar bears in the wild Ranger Roy got us off to a great start with a Live Chat (video from the chat will be available shortly), and that was just the first of many. You can join the live discussions at explore.org/livechat and enter your questions for the Q&A in the comments section below throughout the season. The Upcoming Chat Schedule Includes (Central Time is one hour earlier than Eastern and two hours later than Pacific):

  • Bear Talk with Chris Morgan, Friday, Oct. 31, 3 pm CT
  • Tracking Down Polar Bears, Saturday, Nov. 1, 11 am CT
  • Polar Bear Week and the Energy Challenge, Sunday, Nov. 2, 2 pm CT
  • For One, For All: Species and Extinction, Saturday, Nov. 8, 12 pm CT
  • Hangry Polar Bears, Sunday, Nov. 9, 1 pm CT

Learn more about the town at the heart of the operation – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Check with our partners at Polar Bears International to learn more about polar bear conservation and global warming, and stay tuned to our Bear Blog for breaking stories, in-depth pieces on the people who make this happen and all updates. Tune into the Polar Bear Cams and share your Snapshots with us in the album! EXPLORE the Complete – Polar Bear Live Camera Experience