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Daily Dose of Love: Explore’s Live Cams On Google Earth!

See The Bears Of Katmai On Google Earth’s Voyager In one of nature’s most compelling stories, the brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park awaken from hibernation each summer and feast on the sockeye salmon migrating up the Brooks River. Now on Google Earth’s storytelling platform, Voyager, you can take a guided tour of the brown bears’


Bear Story: Jeanette Koenig

“My favorite moment was back in 2012, when we saw Lurch tending a cache for several days. The story had begun a few days earlier, when Patches (I think) had been observed on the cache. The cams went dark for the night, and the next morning, Patches was gone, Lurch was in his place, and


Daily Dose of Love: How To Fish Brooks Falls

How Brown Bears Fish The Falls The Falls on Brooks River are a physical barrier to the countless salmon trying to swim upstream to spawn each summer. So if you’re a hungry bear, you should gather there to catch lunch (and breakfast. And dinner.) The sheer number of jumpers might confuse you so try to

Snapshot by Pleiadians-Bear

NPR Interview With Explore.org Founder Charlie Annenberg

Want to go behind the scenes with explore.org? Check out the podcast interview with our Founder, Charlie Annenberg Weingarten on Marketplace Weekend with host Lizzie O’Leary. You can the transcript at Marketplace.org or listen to the full interview here!


Bear & Angler Update

From Ranger Anela After talking with LE staff and with the platform ranger who was working at the time, the anglers were in the right. The platform staff member yelled out to the anglers, telling them that the bear was in the area. At the time, they could not wade across because of the family

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