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Intake at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

We ‘ve had a busy week at GrandPaw’s Gardens since my post last week. Lot’s of new guys at the Gardens and one sad goodbye as Old Ray passed unexpectedly to the Rainbow Bridge.


This week has been a heavy intake week from our local shelters. It will be a few days before you see these new Old Friends with the big group in the Gathering Room because all new arrivals are held in intake for 5 days to avoid spreading any new illness to the rest of the gang. During this 5-day period, the new dogs receive intake vetting and are spayed/neutered, given dental attention or receive any other special treatment that they need.

Here is a list of the intake vetting and care that is standard for all new OFSDS residents.

Spay or neuter if required and health permits

Rabies vaccine

DHLPP vaccine

Bordetella vaccine

any medication necessary for joint problems

heartworm test

dental if teeth are bad enough to cause discomfort or health problems

bath, groom and nails clipped

senior blood panel

additional blood tests if necessary (example thyroid)

check and clean ears

full examination

You will notice that Wally has now joined the Gardens Gang and is doing well. He spent most of the day yesterday in the cool autumn weather. Today we have three little yorkie mixes coming back from neuter surgery. They are Ugi, BigMan and Taco. Unfortunately, even though they are brothers, Ugi and BigMan aren’t friends, so, most likely, Ugi will stay in reception. The others should start showing their furry faces in the Gathering Room soon.



Nelson is going to get neuter surgery today. We have had some problems with him and the other males in the big group because of the aroma that Nelson emits. He has been in the reception area for a few days preceding his surgery. Mabel is a permanent resident in the reception area and went into heat a few weeks ago as she is not well enough to undergo surgery, so we are just going to wait it out. This has made for an interesting week. By next week, after Nelson’s surgery and Maybell’s passing out of heat, things will be calmer.



This week’s new arrivals include Chanel, Diamond, Louis, Tempe, Freckles, Madison and a few others. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as they get introduced. We will also be updating our Gardens Dogs guide this weekend.

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