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Welcome Summit Assistance Dogs!

We are pleased to announce that we have added another live cam to our extensive library. Please welcome Summit Assistance Dogs from Anacortes, WA! 

Our new live cam features Bella, a black Labrador retriever, and her litter of seven puppies. These puppies will be trained to become future service dogs and help people with disabilities lead a happy and fulfilling life.  

Summit Assistance Dogs not only breeds their own service dogs, but they also rescue shelter dogs and train them in order to give them a “new leash on life”!

Summit also pairs with Monroe Correctional Complex where “[t]hrough this partnership, carefully screened and selected inmates are paired with older puppies and shelter dogs for nine weeks. During that time, Summit’s trainers and the inmates work together to provide initial training to the dogs. Once the dogs “graduate” from that program, they return to Summit to get advanced training by Summit’s professional trainers. Advanced training can include particular skills and tasks that are relevant to the client.” 

Want to help contribute to Summit Assistance Dogs and allow them to continue impacting the world? Make sure to donate here!