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brown bears fishing

Brown Bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park Go Fishing

Bear Cam Live Chat TODAY! (9/26/14)

Join us today, Friday, September 26 at 4 PM AK/5 PM PT/ 8 PM ET for a Bear Cam Live Expert Chat with with Ranger Mike and bear monitor Leslie Skora.

By now, most of you know Ranger Mike, but if you haven’t had a chance to “meet,” get to know Mike hereLeslie Skora is a biological technician at Katmai National Park. She is better known as the “bear monitor” and is tasked with identifying individual bears along the Brooks River and gathering specific data about how individual bears use the Brooks River. Leslie has also worked at Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska.

Tune into our Lower River Cam today and join the Q&A with Leslie and Mike!

EXPLORE The Complete – Brown Bear Live Camera Experience