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“Rescued” Giant Panda Cub Wang Jia

“Around 10 a.m. on November 30, 2007, a cub was found in the snow at an elevation of 2760 meters in the Fengtongzhai National Nature Reserve in Baoxing County, Sichuan Province. The rangers waited 200-300 meters away from the cub for the panda mother to come back. But the mother didn’t show up before in the next morning, Zhang Lei, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggested that the cub be rescued immediately; otherwise it might die from cold and hunger. The reserve authority adopted his suggestion. The cub was taken to a protection station of the reserve, where it was fed and taken care of. On December 2, the staff of Bifengxia Panda Base came to the protection station and brought the cub back to Bifengxia for hand-rearing.”

Via Pandas Live On / Fang Min.