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elephant and calf mpala africa

Elephant and Calf, Snapshot by Becky T GA

Elephants: Not So Gentle Giants

Young elephants display an unusual fascination with other species. Calves and juveniles enjoy playfully chasing birds, monkeys, and even larger mammals such as warthogs and hyenas. As elephants grow older, however, this lighthearted interest turns to aggression.

Adults act very competitively with other species, expelling them from watering holes or chasing them away from their families. Indeed, elephants are one of the only species of herbivores that purposely kill other species. They do this by stepping on small mammals that have startled them or by goring humans or livestock.

With males weighing 13,335 lb and females  7,125 lb, a step on the toe is a BIG deal. Learn more about African Elephants and all the animals of Mpala at the Mpala Field Guide

You can check for elephants on the African Animal Lookout Live Cam and see an adorable baby elephant testing his trunk and blowing bubbles in this short video.

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