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Lynne Emerson and Willow

Catch Up with the Latest SDP Live Chat in this Highlight (Video)

If you missed Lynne Emerson’s Live Chat for the Service Dog Project from this week (October 22nd), or just want to watch it again, we’ve got the full video below.

Lynne Emerson is a former medical device consulting executive who found her life dramatically changed with the diagnoses and progression of Multiple Sclerosis, a deterioration of the nervous system. As Lynne’s mobility became more challenging and falls more persistent, her independence seemed to be slipping away at the age of 50.

Lynn Reached out to Service Dog Project and was paired with her Great Dane Willow in August, 2013. She and the organization now work together to educate the community, law enforcement, and businesses regarding service dogs and service dog laws. Lynne says they do so as a way to “give back” for the “amazing gift” she received when Willow was donated to her by Service Dog Project. “Willow restored my independence, my sense of safety and my mobility. She is my partner, my friend and is essential in every aspect of my life. She has given back what was taken and so much more.” Lynne, alongside Willow, took questions from our explore.org community and answered them in a Live Chat this Wednesday. See the full video below:

And stay tuned for future chats in our series of live Q&As with recipients of Great Danes from the Service Dog Project!

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