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polar bear sleeping

It’s Almost Time for Polar Bears!

Yesterday the crew on Frontiers North Adventure’s Buggy One was out on the tundra, testing the cams to make sure that they are ready to go live any time! Biologists Mike Lockhart, Wes Larson, and Alysa McCall, along with tech gurus Kt Miller and BJ Kirschhoffer, have been working hard to make sure you get to see live polar bears as soon as possible. While much of the day was spent with heads buried in computers, there were often little breaks to see what was happening on the tundra. There was an Arctic fox and lots of ptarmigan, along with the calm little polar bear (above) who snoozed all afternoon right beside the buggy. There are many more bears around so make sure you’re watching to see this little one and all the big guys near by! Be sure to catch all the events this fall and join us at explore.org for Polar Bear Season.

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