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brown bear caption contest

Caption This Contest Winners from 9/15/2014

OK the results are in! There were many to choose from (nearly 60!), but we managed to pare it down. Here are the winners from last week’s Brown Bear Caption This Contest:

  • mosaic_world: Gull: Maybe if I show off my photogenic side, Explore will give us a Seagull cam next year.
  • SarahBear: Bear: “Oh, she totally thinks I’m a rock… Stupid bird” Trixie: “Juergan has no idea the butt close up I’m about to get”
  • Carli Chapman: Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • heidibelle: Gull: Be calm – I’ll save you! Bear: I’m fine and again – you are NOT a lifeguard! (squirrely bird, but I kind of like her)…
  • Tamelyn: Maverick to Goose, I’m goin’ in for a closer look … I feel the need …. the need for speed!
  • lilac: ALICE, stop trying to impress me! I already have a GULL FRIEND!!!!

Don’t forget, you can enter this week’s contest now – click here and post your caption wit in the comments below.