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Iris Never Lost Hope but Found a Home

Iris had her share of trauma. The bull terrier mix had most likely been hit by a car and dragged, and then dumped at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama Shelter.

As she was being examined, her wounds treated, she never winced or complained. It was as if Iris knew the staff was trying to help her. While she exhibited some trouble with her back legs, maybe some nerve damage, she always remained gentle and sweet to the other dogs at the shelter, always seen wagging her tail. Wagging her whole body, in fact.

The staff did its due diligence to get Iris a foster home; pitbulls have a low adoption rates, but Iris was so charming they had to give her a fighting chance. They found her a foster in the US with the Colorado Animal Rescue League who helped Iris get toe surgery, saving her back legs. Having donated to Iris’ medical care, a woman named Andrea fell in love with the pup and officially adopted her! Andrea tells us that Iris is “the sweetest, funniest dog in the world and loves her friends at daycare. She’s a breed ambassador too – she’s largely a Staffy, and we know what that means!” With Iris’ amazing story we’ll take it to mean she’s a fighter.

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