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A female Chapman’s pygmy chameleon. Scientists want to find out if the species still survives. Photograph: Courtesy of Colin Tilbury - Source: The Guardian

Will Researchers Find a Rare Chameleon in Malawi?

There are many different species spread across the world and some are more difficult to find than others. Now, researchers are trying to find the rarest of the lot.

The Guardian reports that these researchers are heading to Malawi to find the elusive Chapman’s pygmy chameleon. Experts only discovered this particular species in 1992 and 16 years have passed since its last sighting. Meanwhile, the animal’s habitat has shrunk considerably in size.

The article notes that IUCN/SSC Chameleon Specialist Group, which is comprised of volunteer conservationists, is raising funds to send a group to Malawi. Their findings will inform recommendations for conservation. Of course, as The Guardian notes, there is a chance that they will not find the extremely rare chameleon.


The two forest patches in Malawi that may still be home to Chapman’s pygmy chameleon: the bigger near the top right, the smaller near the bottom left. Pink blocks show forest loss from 2001-2012 when analyzing tree cover at 30% Photograph: Courtesy of Global Forest Watch – Source: The Guardian