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A Warm Welcome to Mischa’s Musicians!

Yesterday the Service Dog Project welcomed Mischa’s Musicians into the world – twelve healthy puppies who will be trained as mobility service dogs. All of the puppies are named after famous musicians. If you missed the birth, don’t worry! We put together a highlight compilation for you to share:

For your reference, here are the birth times, names, genders, and coloring of each puppy:

1. Sting – 8:48 am Eastern time – Boy – Merle
2. Jagger – 9:12am – Boy – Harlequin
3. Joplin – 10:14am – Girl – Mantle
4. Bowie – 10:40am – Boy – Merle
5. Jewel – 11:34 am – Girl – Mantle
6. Elvis – 12:07 pm – Boy – Mantle
7. Ringo – 12:22 pm – Boy – Mantle
8. Blake – 12:54 pm – Boy – Mantle
9. Ella – 1:08 pm – Girl – Mantle
10. Miles – 1:15 pm – Boy – Mantle
11. Nora – 3:25 pm – Girl – Mantle
12. Prince – 5:18 pm – Male – Mantle

Go say hello to Mischa’s Musicians at this link. Happy puppy-watching!

  • shnzermom

    she had them sooooooo fast..such a good mama

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