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Black Guillemot nest with eggs

A Quick Guide to Guillemot Eggs

We continue our series of posts detailing the different eggs of Seal Island, one of Project Puffin’s research islands, and home to the explore.org Puffin, Arctic Tern, and Guillemot Cams. Seal Island Supervisor Keenan Yakola teaches us about Guillemot eggs.

“Like Atlantic Puffins, the Black Guillemot is another one of our charismatic Alcids, web-footed diving birds.

Black Guillemots

Black Guillemots

Perhaps you’re familiar with their red feet and classic squeaking noises from the Guillemot Burrow Cam. Guillemots, like Razorbills and Puffins, nest in the boulder berms surrounding Seal Island, but they will also select crevices and cracks that are on the “inland” portion of the island farther away from the boulder berm and water.

Their eggs can be white or a stunning light blueish color with dark colored spots or speckling covering the egg. The average clutch size is two eggs, unlike the Puffins and Razorbills who raise one at a time. Guillemots on Seal Island will start the laying process in the end of May with peak laying occurring in the first week of June.”

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