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Rachel tends to her two new chicks

The Osprey Nest Welcomes a Second Chick

It’s been a riveting and wonderful day on the Hog Island Osprey Nest – Rachel and Steve’s second egg has hatched!

A pip, or small hole created by the chick’s “egg tooth” was spotted at 10:45 am ET, June 11th. Just hours later, at 2:43 pm ET the chick had emerged from its shell and into the world.

Now the two chicks will eat fish, caught and delivered fresh by Steve and fed to them by Rachel, as they wait for the third to hatch.

Watching a chick hatch in real time is thrilling, but one of the best parts of today was the camaraderie and sharing by the Osprey Cam viewers, who posted pics and gave best wishes to the birds and each other. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you catch the third hatch and join the fun!

And here’s the highlight video of the hatch:

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