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Bubba might have four legs but is no third wheel.

Your Woofentine Award pics give us the warm fuzzies.

Our hearts are all aflutter with your cute and touching Woofentine pics. There’s no purer love than that between people and their pooches. Let’s bat our eyelashes at today’s Woofentine Award winners.

Leah with Bailey and Roscoe make an adorable love triangle.


Rose and John are inseparable.

Rose’s human mom tells us, “Rose was only to be a short term foster bound for transport up to the Hayden, ID humane society. We live in the Sacramento area. The moment we brought Rose into our home she and my 6 year old son fell in love. She followed him everywhere. She was already slated for transport and so we had to let her go. He was heartbroken. A good friend of mine lives in Boise and heard of John and Rose’s special bond and she drove 14 hours round trip to adopt Rose and bring her back home to John. Then we surprised them both with a reunion. They were two happy, happy babies! These are from their reunion. Their bond is positively amazing!”

What's sweeter than best buds Gauge and Walker. That's right! Nothing.

What’s sweeter than best buds Gauge and Walker. That’s right! Nothing.

June and Mr. Bojangles

June and Mr. Bojangles

June tells us, “Mr. Bojangles has to snuggle when I get home from work. He curls up on my lap makes every trouble or care I have leave my mind. Bo was set to be euthanized in July 2009 at 1 year old in a Virginia animal shelter when I adopted him. He’s the best thing in my life. I work at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and he’s great with kids so he’ll soon be a visiting therapy dog with me at work.”

These inspiring stories and photos are putting smiles on our faces, too. Thanks for sharing! We’ll bring you more Woofentine Awards soon!