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It’s puppy love for Woofentine Award winners

The Woofentine Awards is a joyous celebration of the love between people and their dogs, and we’re tickled pink by all the stories and pics of puppy dog eyes. Let’s meet today’s winners!

We say “I do” to Woofentine Weddings!

Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this festival of love we’re featuring a special wedding edition of the Woofentine Awards, starring the pets that we vow to have and to hold. Let’s meet some happy couples. Thanks for sharing the happiest days of your lives with us, everyone! Stay tuned for more Woofentine Awards.

Warrior Canine Connection Loves the Woofentine Awards

Warrior Canine Connection is getting into the Woofentine love fest! The organization enlists recovering Veterans in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow wounded Warriors. WCC volunteer Lily Wong submitted a few photos for today’s Woofentine Awards.

Your Woofentine Award pics give us the warm fuzzies.

Our hearts are all aflutter with your cute and touching Woofentine pics. There’s no purer love than that between people and their pooches. Let’s bat our eyelashes at today’s Woofentine Award winners. Rose’s human mom tells us, “Rose was only to be a short term foster bound for transport up to the Hayden, ID humane

First Kiss: the Woofentine Awards have begun!

It’s Day One of the Woofentine Awards, and we’re already feeling the love! Let’s take a chance and jump right in to meet the first round of winners.

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