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Twist Off!

Okay, so owls cannot actually turn their heads 360 degrees in one direction- lest their head untwist completely. However, the can turn their heads a stunning 270 degrees in one direction.

This means that they have the ability to turn their head so far to the right that it could over their left shoulder!

Owls eyes are locked in place, meaning they cannot move on their own: therefore, the owl must be adept at turning their head in order to see what’s around it.

Owls also have an uncanny ability to keep their head stable.  This is extremely helpful when you are a predator sitting on a swaying tree branch trying to pinpoint the exact location of prey.

Check out this rather incredible video in to see an example of how owls can stabilize their head as their body shifts in different directions.

Photo Courtesy Of: http://black-and-white-gifs.tumblr.com/post/38974801096