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Turkey Day Leftovers for your Pets the Safe Way

If a post-turkey tryptophan trip has put you in a giving mood – or you just can’t possibly have another slice of pumpkin pie – you may decide to fork over some leftovers to your furry family members, the pets that have been begging with puppy dog eyes all night. It’s important to follow a few rules to keep your dogs safe.

Pet wellness blog petMD spreads the word about spreading the cheer, that there are foods that we take for delicious that are unhealthy or harmful for animals. Check out their page for full coverage, but these are the essentials:

  • Be careful when giving your pet new food, especially if it’s shown digestive sensibilities in the past. Don’t give your pets several new foods at once.
  • Onions, garlic and other plants can be toxic to dogs in large amounts.
  • Chocolate is a no, no. Most dog owners are aware that the sweet is poisonous to canines, but baking chocolate may be especially so.
  • No grapes or raisins which can cause kidney failure in large amounts. Don’t risk it.
  • Check with your vet before handing over the traditional turkey, cranberry, stuffing combo to your pet. Feed sparingly as these foods can be loaded with sodium, fats and sugar.
  • NEVER give a dog a turkey bone, which can splinter.

Beyond that, we hope everyone and their pets enjoys themselves this Thanksgiving. We are grateful you’re spending your holiday with Explore.org.

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