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Travels to the Far East (of Hudson Bay)

Polar Bears International is back with another update on Aurora and her two cubs!

For those that are new to following Aurora, she is a young female polar bear from the Western Hudson Bay population. A GPS collar was put on Aurora last fall in order to follow her and her cubs’ movements throughout the year, something that would be impossible without technology. Tracking polar bear movements can inform scientists about how to better conserve these animals and can give great insight into polar bear ecology.

Over the last few weeks, Aurora has not moved much based on her Bear Tracker movements- since our last update, she and her cubs have only moved about 18 km (11 mi). However, it’s important to remember that we are only seeing one location a week and Aurora might be moving around quite a bit but only within a small area. She also seems to be intent on heading toward Quebec and has not decided to return home yet. On the Bear Tracker, Aurora is still the easternmost and southernmost bear and shows no sign of giving this position up.

We’ll check in again in a couple weeks and see where this family has decided to go next!

Alysa McCall
Polar Bears International

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  • JoeBear

    Thank you for updating us! Do you think she found a good food source there and doesn’t want to leave it?

    • Alysa McCall

      It’s very possible!

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      From Polar Bears International: “Impossible to know for sure, but a food source would be our best guess as to why she’s sticking around in one area so long.”

      • JoeBear

        Thank you! :))

  • Zina Ciceklic

    It seems to be all good with Aurora and her collar, good with her cubs, I’m especially fond of Ursula who has become a Mother and has two young cubs, I love Ursula as a sister, and I expect all of your information. Thank you very much for your information, especially for the care of the Polar Bears of these wonderful creatures, especially the Mothers with the Cubs