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kittens snuggling

It's a kitten snuggle pile! Kittens make comfy beds. Photo captured by member janinec.

Top 5 Kitten Rescue Photos Of The Week

Oh goodness, the kittens are adorable! If you are having a rough day, or maybe missing your pet, take a look at the live cam for a dose of cuteness! It will get you through the day, or maybe just distract you! Here are five of the best photos of the week from our kitten cam.

Kitten Rescue Camera

sleeping kitten

Lazy kitten stretched out after a long day playing. Photo captured by member DaisySue.

kitten wide eyed and alert

Little black kitten snuggled into a cozy spot. Photo captured by member Tipper-WA.

two sleeping kittens

Awww look at the sweet dreamy faces! Photo captured by member randy2005-MA.

two kittens ready to pounce

Two kittens looking ready to pounce! Two peas in a pod, these two.

EXPLORE The Complete – Kitten Adoption Rescue Live Camera Experience

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