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Live Chat With Osprey Expert Dr. Rob Bierregaard!


After watching as Rachel and Steve for the summer, are you interested in learning more about osprey biology and behavior? Tune in tomorrow at 5pm ET on the Hog Island Osprey Cam on explore.org to participate in a live chat with Rob Bieregaard!

Simply tune in to the explore.org osprey cam and type your questions in the Disqus comments section beneath the live cam and watch as Dr. Bierregaard answers queries and discusses osprey migration and behavior.

From 1995 to 2011, Dr. Bierregaard taught Ornithology and Ecology in the Biology Department of UNC-Charlotte, Dr. Bierregaard was the original field director of the BDFFP in Manaus, Brazil. While running the project for 8 years (1979-87), he and his students collected data from over 50,000 mist-net captures of understory birds in continuous and fragmented rainforest habitat.

Dr. Bierregaard focuses on the conservation and ecology of raptors and Neotropical birds. His papers have been published in Conservation Biology, J. Raptor Res., Ornithological Monographs, and BioScience. Dr. Bierregaard co-authored the Osprey account for the Birds of North America Project,

His present research focuses on Osprey population dynamics in southeastern New England, the migration of Ospreys in eastern North America, and the ecology of Barred Owls in suburban and rural habitats in the North Carolina Piedmont.

He is a Fellow of the American Ornithologists Union and was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Raptor Research Foundation.