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This Week on Explore (9/7)

This week we were told the most fortunate news that Gracie the Puffling has fledged her nest! We’ve loved watching her grow and can’t wait to see where her trusted wings will take her!

Gracie The Puffling Getting Fed!

As summer winds down, bear activity is still high! Check out what our favorite bears of Katmai are up to here:

Go! Go! Holly! Supermom Holly shows us her best moves when it comes to fishing!

We’ve announced the winners to the CamOp Photo Contest for May, June, and July! Check it out here!


July First Place- CamOp Maisie

Sometimes you never know what you are going to SEA on our ocean cams! Watch our Shark Cam for more hellos from barracudas such as this one:


Snapshot by TattooedFairy

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