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This Week on Explore (8/3)

After a tough season on the Hog Island Osprey Nest, Summer or “EM” has fledged the nest!


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Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chris Lowe, Director of CSULB Shark Lab! We learned more about his mission to help educate the public about sharks and learned about what his favorite shark is! Watch here:

What would a summer at Brooks Falls be without a few family scuffles? Two families with yearling (second year) cubs find themselves in close quarters at Brooks Falls. To avoid the approach of a running bear, Holly’s two yearlings are forced to move toward 451 and her three yearlings standing on the river bank. 451 isn’t comfortable with the proximity of Holly’s yearlings, however. With her head down and jaws agape, she swats and growls at the yearlings in an attempt to get them to back away. Holly’s yearlings turn away once they determine it is safe to do so. Through mutual tolerance and understanding, the families separate without resorting to a fight. Watch the full clip here!


We have a brand new ECAD litter! Please welcome Maya and her third (and last) litter! Maya and stud, Gipper, gave birth to three sweet puppies! We are excited to follow this litter on their journey to becoming future service dogs and to watch out for more cute moments like this:


This week’s Five Fascinating Facts are about Birds of Prey:

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