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This Week on Explore (8/16)

Earlier this week, Bucky the Puffin successfully fledged the nest! We wish you well on your new adventure!

Puffin Bucky Feeding

In this week’s Bears of Brooks Falls, meet 775 Lefty!

Yesterday, C9 from the Charlo Osprey Nest also successfully fledged its nest. While C9 is out exploring the new world, Charlotte and Charlie can still be seen watching nearby!

Charlo C9 Osprey Fledge

On Monday, we celebrated World Elephant Day by honoring the incredible organizations that work to protect the species. Between 1960 and 1990, elephant populations in East Africa declined sharply because of the ivory trade. Poaching affects elephants to this day and continued protections for them are important. Learn more about the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s work to conserve this species.


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