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This Week on Explore (7/5)

On this week’s Bears of Brooks Falls series, we meet 856 one of the most dominant bears of Brooks River. Watch here:

Carson is back and looking better than ever! After falling off the nest, Carson has been able to survive with the help of mom and dad.

GSB_CamOp Spish_7.2.19

This week, Mike Fitz and Katmai Media Ranger Naomi discussed bear hierarchies. Watch the full live chat to see the surprise visitors:

This week, we celebrated the 4th of July and paid tribute to our national bird- The Bald Eagle.

Eagles_DNN CU_CamOp Spish_2.20.19

With the wide range of live cams, we get to see incredible photos of animals and nature from all over the world. Below are the featured snapshots from last week:

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