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Snapshot by Pleiadians-Bear

Snapshot by Pleiadians-Bear

NPR Interview With Explore.org Founder Charlie Annenberg

Want to go behind the scenes with explore.org? Check out the podcast interview with our Founder, Charlie Annenberg Weingarten on Marketplace Weekend with host Lizzie O’Leary. You can the transcript at Marketplace.org or listen to the full interview here!

Watch the Bear Cams at explore.org/bears

  • JeanneB

    Well the founder knew exactly what he was doing. I never dreamed in my 61 years I would ever care about Birds. All spring I was glued to the Owl Cams, Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons. Not only that I had to study and learn all about each one through Documentaries. I am amazed that I never cared before. It is true, we learn to love only what we come to know. I can’t thank Explore enough.

  • TinyJulz <

    Thank you for bringing the purity of the natural world where I am not able to go to into my home.

  • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

    thank you charlie and the whole gang, you have changed my life, i have never been so fulfilled in my life. not only do you guys rock, but your spirit lives on forever!

  • amazed

    “Oasis of peace.” So true, Charlie, so true.

  • amazed

    Well, just thank you Charlie. Thanks to you and Explore I get to go to Katmai and visit with dear Otis. I have been watching 2012 and I never grow bored. I will never get to Katmai physically but I can go there and all over the world thanks to you and Explore. Dog Bless You!

  • Xan Xan