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The Nuppies’ Bayou Adventure : Amazing Tales Of The Service Dog Project


The Nuppies are growing fast and this week found them being involved in an unexpected harrowing adventure. Anxiously wanting to get away from their mother, and see more of the world than just their SDP kitchen home, they asked Oscar if he would take them on a backwater boat trip in the South. Oscar, just having received his Captain’s Boat Navigating License from the local Ipswich Nautical Center, agreed. Noel enthusiastically supported the trip also, as it gave her chance to get away from nursing duties and spend time with Megan. She admitted that she had been squabbling with Olive over so many minor things that occur between birthing mothers living so close to one another, like who had the better-looking husband, who was raising their pups best, and who had the cutest litter.

So, Oscar and the Nuppies flew on Ipswich Express Air to New Orleans for free, and from the airport they traveled by Doggy Limo to Colleen’s Bayou in the swamps outside the Crescent City. Once there, Oscar commandeered the Service Dog Project’s Excursion boat, and with the Nuppies snuggled safely in a basket. All were ready for the time of their lives.

Before Oscar could give the required safety briefing and have everyone don his or her life jacket, Mariah jumped up and out of the basket located at the stern of the boat, losing her balance and slipping under the guardrail. Luckily she didn’t fall in the water as she clung to the edge of the boat for dear life. Grasping tenuously to the railing with only one of her dewclaws and her little tail, she was one lucky puppy so far.  She had time to be thankful to SDP for still having her dewclaws and her tail when she really needed them! Before Oscar, Magnus and Murphy could react and come to her rescue; she slipped soundlessly into the water and plummeted to the bottom of the murky bay.

Just moments later, one of the largest dog-eating alligators in the entire world who saw little Mariah’s struggle, dove deep into the depths pursuing his scrumptious meal. The alligator hadn’t eaten in weeks, and poor Mariah picked the wrong time to go swimming.

Oscar didn’t know what to do; he knew how to send an SOS message, but help would certainly arrive too late to save Mariah. Magnus and Murphy just cried and felt helpless. Within seconds there was a gigantic splash that nearly overturned the boat, and the alligator came out of the water with little Mariah centered in his jaws. The alligator hesitated, and then gently sat Mariah down on the boat’s edge as Magnus and Murphy grabbed her and hurried her back to the basket to safety. Suddenly the alligator said, “I read the name on the side of your boat just as I came out of the water, and abruptly I remembered years ago being rescued from the Ipswich Animal Shelter by Carlene from the SDP and given a home in her pond until I recovered. I never figured I’d be able to repay her for her kindness, and now I think perhaps I have. Oscar, Magnus and Murphy thanked the alligator and Mariah leaped from the basket and gave the alligator a little kiss. Moments later, Oscar gave the Nuppies a boating safety briefing and without starting the engine, for the alligator agreed to tow them, they all went on a fun-filled tour of the bayou. Later that day, goodbyes were said to the alligator and his family, and Oscar and the Nuppies returned to the Service Dog Project none the wiser, as Oscar told the Nuppies, “let this be our little secret.”  That night, in the SDP kitchen, a tiny voice was heard saying, “Mommy, when I grow up can I have a pet alligator?”

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