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A soft, white gray seal pup

The Gray Seal Pupping Cam is Back!

Life is bursting forth in the midst of the shortest and coldest days of the year! Northern Gray Seals are about to give birth to cute, fluffy white pups just yards away from where the puffins of Seal Island, Maine spent their summer. And now the Gray Seal Pupping Cam is live again to bring you every sweet moment.

For just a few short weeks this winter, we’ll get up close and personal to the second largest seal colony in the U.S., watching as pups are born, suckled, reared and raised by their loving, 300-pound moms.

Come join the fun! Take and share your snapshots in the comments under the Seal Cam or send them to us at social@explore.org and we’ll post some of the best on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

EXPLORE The Complete – Gray Seal Pupping Live Cam Experience