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The Eyes of BrodyBaloo – Rescue Dog of the Day

We’re very touched by all of your Rescue Dog stories and photos! It’s inspiring to hear these heartwarming tales of triumph over tragedy. Today we’d like to feature BrodyBaloo and his sister ChibaMocha. Human friend Bobbi of Escondido, CA tells us:

BrodyBaloo was a rescue from a litter of 9 that was “dumped” with their mama at the pound when they were 3 days old.  The litter was scooped up by “It’s The Pits”.  They took great care in fostering them until they were able to be adopted.  We brought him home at 9 weeks, and he has been the perfect addition to our family, and the best brother to ChibaMocha (Chiba was 2-1/2 years old at the time we adopted Brody; she is almost 3 now).

Chiba & Brody

Chiba & Brody

Chiba was the product of an accidental litter of 13, and we adopted her at 5 weeks when her mama stopped feeding them.  BrodyBaloo is a blue-nose pibble, and she is a Red nose staffordshire.  He is now 75 pounds at 9 months, and she is 53 pounds at almost 3 years old.  We are so pleased with our family of rescues, and would encourage any family to do the same – they are the most loyal, forgiving, and loving animals on the planet.

Thank you for sharing, Bobbi! We hear time and time again from our viewers’ stories that life-long friendships are formed when a puppy pal is rescued from a shelter and taken to a forever home. Want your own rescue story? Come see who Animal Wellness Foundation has available to take home!

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