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puppy black lab

Anna's Litter Is Due the Day Before Thanksgiving at Bergin University

Another Litter Expected on Thanksgiving at Bergin

We have pups rolling in just in time for turkey. Meet Anna and prepare yourself for her coming litter due around Thanksgiving at Bergin University

Anna is a sweet and loving four-year-old black Lab.  She came to Bergin U. from Guide Dog Foundation in New York. Anna is with them similarly to their last mom, Freedom, in that her puppies will be worked with and trained by our students in order for them to gain more experience working with young pups. The sire of this litter is a yellow Lab named Barrett. All but one of her pups will return to Guide Dog Foundation or their sister organization America Vet Dogs to be trained as guide dogs for the visually impaired or service dogs for a wounded warrior.  Everyone at Bergin U. is very much looking forward to their relationship and hope that the added puppy training and socialization will benefit all.  

And if family, friends and food weren’t enough, the puppies are due next Wednesday, November 26th! Just in time for turkey. 

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