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The Contest Is On — Caption This!

Meet the Service Dog Project’s litter, “The Stedmans.” These buckets-full of adorable pups need your voice! Send us your caption for this photo and enter our “Caption This” contest!

Submit your captions in the blog comments below by Friday. Dog Bless You!


  1. suzie2013

    well I just have to say it: “Fore !”

  2. AmBeR-TN

    Buckets of Cuteness! I’ll take 2 please!

  3. Christa Chamberlain Woods

    now what? who is going to drive? great idea, stan! can’t reach the pedals while we are in the bucket!!!

  4. Mimi Champlin

    Eeenie, Meenie, Miney, MO!

  5. Paula Lee

    Buckets full of Blessings!

  6. Dennis Michelsen

    is not what we signed up for when we volunteered to help at the ‘Doggy
    Car Wash’ fundraiser! We didn’t agree to be sponges!”

  7. oriolebetty

    Let’s see if Megan can find us in here.

  8. Carey McLarnon Palmquist

    “We’re on SOMEONE’S bucket list! Yahoo!”

  9. Fabulous, everyone! Keep ’em coming.

  10. Scotian-NS-CANADA

    “Rub-a-dub-dub four danes in a tub”

  11. Leslie Burklow

    If we can’t see them, they can’t see us.

  12. Randy Little

    They picked us first. We’re sweeter.

  13. Robin

    Fore cute caddies

  14. Doyle Srader

    “When we first bought this golf cart, the engine purred. But I think it’s time for a tune-up, because now it goes ‘Bucket-a-pups! Bucket-a-pups! Bucket-a-pups!'”

  15. US Army Wife Retired.

    Well, they said “Try for a Hole in One!”

  16. Chelsea

    No, I’m telling you, they still think the dryer eats the socks!

  17. housewifeinthemidwest

    So what’s all this fuss about a bucket kiss, anyway?

  18. Kate Eichenberger

    Precious Dane Driver wanted

  19. J Ryan

    Rethinking our hiding place
    …someone said “Bucket of balls” And we’re neutered!

  20. Leslie Cabaniss

    Anyone for some pup-pup golf?

  21. Carrie Leljedal

    Bucket full of love, too keep you company on your drive.

  22. Jenny Brown

    “This wasn’t on my bucket list!”

  23. Sharon Theriault

    How do we get out of these things… I hear water coming!!

  24. lovebuds

    Should we tell them we cant swing a golf club…

  25. nhteach

    Modern Mother Goose:
    Rub-a-dub-dub! Four pups in the tub,
    And who do you think were there?
    An Emmett, a Hugo, and Ziggy, the bold.
    And lastly, Miss Gussie, the fair!

    • nhteach

      Thanks for the head’s up to move my entry over here!!!

      • No problem! Thanks for contributing!

        • People are reporting on the SDP cam site that they cannot submit their suggestions here if they only have an Explore.org sign-on account. Is there another alternative for them to participate or are they required to have or create a Disqus, Google, FB, or Twitter account?

  26. Pamela Norton

    Pup putts !

  27. Boxcar Mike

    Bucket list?? We’re too young for a bucket list!!

  28. Theresa Friederich Campbell

    Ready for our bath!!

  29. LAinSD

    “Don’t ask me why we are in these buckets…Carlene said to wait here. Maybe this is the “wait” training the big dogs have been talking about?”

  30. Danelover Kimberly

    “Ruh-roh…bath time? You first!”

  31. Cynthia Mayeaux

    Our dimples might be cute, but I don’t think they are a good thing to have when it comes to golf.

  32. benmom

    Gussie: I think they’re are called bucket seats.
    Hugo: Glad I’m near a window so I can see everything
    Ziggy: Yay! FIeld trip! Where to?
    Emmet: Dunno, but wait ’til you see who our chauffeur is!

  33. puppiesonly!

    Two buckets of pups is better than a barrel of money.

  34. Sandy in NC

    SDP’s pupmobile…

  35. Jennifer Olmi Germanotta

    “Looks like we’re the new golf ball gatherers around here!”

  36. bjrtx

    Precious pairs of pretty pups plopped in purple pails.

  37. Becky in CA

    An order of fries and two Buckets O’Pups, please.

  38. Jennifer Rosenberg

    We’re gonna need a bigger bucket.

  39. puppiesonly!

    We are trained to sit patiently in tight quarters!

  40. BluePenguin

    You’ve heard the saying “Its Raining Cats & Dogs”….Well.. At ‘Crazy Acres’ (SDP) it only rains buckets of Puppies ! 😉

  41. Victoria Evans

    Is this what they mean by a “Bucket List?” (the two bottom pups talking to each other)

  42. Jana Patton

    This watching golf is for the birds! We want to play!

  43. John in KC

    Fore (four) !!!

  44. PatrioticPup

    Waiting for the bucket brigade!

  45. GK

    “No fighting! Don’t make me turn this bucket around!”

  46. puppiesonly!

    We may look like the bucket brigade, but we have a higher mission. We are SDP service dogs in training.

  47. Jerijo

    What’s better than a barrel of monkeys? Buckets of PUPPIES!!

  48. ginnyoregon


  49. 2labgirl

    “Hey between our cuteness and the beverage cart girl we can really sell some dogs…hot
    dogs I mean!

  50. Betty Allen Towne

    Momma said there’d be days like this!!

  51. Darlene Galwach

    I hope they were kidding when they said we’ve been recruited for the new Cleaning Service Dog Project!

  52. Rose Doggy

    This Stedman Class is going on a field trip, it’s 2 for 1 day at the ZOO !

  53. jollybarb

    “I’ve heard of bucket seats but this is ridiculous!”

  54. Debbie-AZ

    “I hope this thing has air bags!”

  55. Karen Renny Redding

    Golf? What’s Golf? I don’t know. Me either, but I think balls are involved. BALLS! I LOVE BALLS! LET’S GO!!!

  56. mnbrit

    Well that’s another fine mess you got us into, Ziggy!

  57. Olivia Gibbs

    “It really must be raining cats and dogs, and I’m afraid we’ve had a leakage”

  58. Barb-NorfVA

    “Wait a minute, I thought you were driving!”

  59. Karen Bavouset

    See, I told you our bucket is better; we’re almost on the ground floor.

  60. audreyhamannhennefer

    buckets of love

  61. Guest

    “Two buckets of lovables equals four times the FUN!”

  62. Judy from Normal

    “I saw a sign that said, get a hole in one and win a puppy”

  63. Roberta L - OH

    I told you they would catch us!

  64. kinsue50

    Oooh, our Great Escape. Do you think they know we’re hiding in here?

  65. janet--Milwaukee

    “Buckets of Love”

  66. janet--Milwaukee

    “Buckets of Fun”

  67. CSilliMa-VA (Carrie - DISQUS)

    When you gotta get out of the rain fast, buckets are the only way to go!!

  68. Miss Megan, Are we there yet?

  69. Linda Stolzke

    Buckets of rain,buckets of tears. Buckets of puppies all right here.

  70. lotusgreen

    They got their bucket list, we got our bucket list. I’d say we’re winning.

  71. Doris Hoffmann

    Now remember, when I give the signal duck down and pull the fluffy over our heads and she’ll take us right to the Laundry Building to see Mom! [ItsOnlyPuppyLove(NY)]

  72. Nancy Hirsch

    Snug as a bug in a bucket~

  73. mamie

    Stop kicking the bucket!!!!

  74. Canyafly

    So, it was raining…REALLY hard

  75. Sheryl Goldberg

    when I told them I wanted my bucket list filled, I didn’t think they’d take it SO literally!!!

  76. Bonnie

    Miss Carlene , we’re sorry we peed in the house…can we please come out …pwety pwease

  77. Mimi Champlin

    Shhhhhh hide your balls (from Eileen DeEulio)

  78. tjohnson15-LA

    What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Duh!! A bucket of Danes!!!

  79. Kate2012 - PA

    Hey, if we take turns driving, we can escape this place and reach the ocean in no time. 🙂

  80. Suzanne E.

    Barrels full of monkeys?!

  81. Marge Moehle

    Have bucket, will travel.

  82. Marge Moehle

    Does this place have valet parking?

  83. KAT in TX

    Pssssst . . . . . Do you see Daddy Bentley – he said he would meet us here and drive the golf cart out if we made it out of the laundry room . . . we can’t get caught now *sigh*

  84. Sequim Pat

    Pups…! Get your fresh Pups here… !

  85. Sheila Smedick

    This is fun! Don’t we look wonderful riding in the blue convertibles.

  86. uclamom

    Is this an E Ticket ride?

    • uclamom

      The phrase E ticket (or E ticket ride) refers to an unusually interesting, thrilling, or expensive experience. It derives from the admission ticket system used at the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom theme parks before 1982, where the E ticket (officially termed “E coupon”) admitted the bearer to the newest, most advanced, and/or most popular rides and attractions.

  87. DJBass

    Do you think Miss Carlene will be here to drive us?

  88. Susan Roberts Lackey

    Is this what they mean by a bucket seat?

  89. Nan Kan

    Hello?! A little help here! We are about to miss our Tee Time!

  90. Nancy Blostein

    We harvest our service dogs at the height of cuteness and trainability

  91. Valerie Hanson

    It’s all in the wording . . . we never should have said that golf lessons were on our “bucket list.”

  92. PAJ

    Blue Bucket Buddies!

  93. Dirty Laundry??? You don’t SMELL like dirty laundry!

  94. margiebpa

    Hey do you think they would think this was so cute if it was their butts stuck in a bucket?!?!

  95. giggly girl

    when planting your Danes, make sure they are spread far enough apart to avoid overcrowding.

  96. Roz/LA

    We are the luckiest puppies in the world. We get to ride in a bucket on a golf cart to the house. Last time we had to walk up that hill.

  97. BeckyT-GA

    Where is our driver!

  98. BeckyT-GA

    These Stedmans are at the top of MY bucket list!

  99. BeckyT-GA

    Farmer’s market had freshly picked Danes!

  100. NedraE_eastTN

    Are you SURE that noone will notice us if we pull these blankets over our heads?
    I really want to sneak out for a wild party!

  101. BeckyT-GA

    If the big dogs see us like this we will never hear the end of it!

  102. Sandi Stewart

    Did you just pee on me??? How many times has mom told us to go to the bathroom before we go for a car ride?

  103. If all my dirty laundry were buckets of puppies, EVERY day would be laundry day!

  104. Is this what they mean when they talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water?

  105. Lauren

    Where are they taking us?

    Whatever they said, it’s a bucket of lies. I think we’re going to be or’daned’!

  106. Wendy Harrington

    What the Stedmans are thinking:
    Hugo: “I don’t like this ride, sis! I’m scared!”
    Gussie: (Looking out toward the back): “I don’t know where we are, you’re supposed to be protective, brother!”
    Emmett (to Ziggy): “Do you think we can get out of this?”
    Ziggy: “I don’t know. How did we get in here?”

  107. Jasmine

    Overwhelming cuteness in buckets.

  108. Jennifer Ohnesorge

    It was raining cats and dogs. Well mostly dogs. Good thing we had these buckets!

  109. BarbaraGuillory

    We was potted !! We means spotted !

  110. baronblu

    I thought they were supposed to plant trees in these pots, not puppies!

  111. Jill Paddock Santopietro

    More fun than a bucket of beagles!

  112. baronblu

    “Hey! Let’s scare ’em! Lets crouch real low and when Megan comes to get us, we’ll jump up and scare her! hahahahahahah”!

  113. Sandra Lea Collett

    He said “just a drop in the bucket” I thought he was going to give us more water.

  114. baronblu

    “I don’t understand this game. Kati counts to 100 and we’re supposed to hide? Shouldn’t we all hide in different places?”

  115. tresbonbon

    Remember when it was only milk they delivered door-to-door?

  116. Rebecca Higgerson

    Four or is it FORE!?

  117. NJerseygirl

    “Just remember to stay down and we will make it through the front gate”

  118. MM&Mmom

    Ziggy: “This was NOT on my bucket list!”

  119. Bonnie StilleyKS

    And ” on we go “

  120. s gray

    Pups in a bucket!

  121. puppiesonly!

    It’s all part of our basic training: “Think outside the bucket.”

  122. paterina-ny

    Did Megan say how long we had to wait….wait….wait to get out of these detention buckets for jumping in the rain puddles???

  123. Deb Else

    Are you sure this is the way to get to the kitchen for more snacks?

  124. Jill B

    Buckets of love

  125. lindathorn

    Excuse us, is it too late to upgrade to first class?

  126. Pam H

    They keep saying the ball is on the “ruff” but I don’t see any on us.

  127. swom

    Be bery bery quiet….she’ll never find us here…

  128. hugabeagle

    Hugo to Emmett: “Was this on YOUR bucket list?”
    Gussie to Ziggy: “Stay down. I’LL ask for directions.”

  129. greta

    Grace need some sleep, she thinks we are laundry.

  130. markbuehner

    At least it wasn’t raining cats today.

  131. Belinda-Yucaipa Ca

    This is so humiliating.

  132. JaneSladen

    Hard to get good help these days.

  133. LilyGirl

    Laundry baskets aren’t just for dirty clothes?

  134. Dearthdata

    You just couldn’t help yourself, you just had to pee on Meghan’s shoes!

  135. Greyhound-MO

    Here we go again – need to fix the leak


    A bushel and a peck of a special crop of stedmans

  137. Do I look more like Oprah or Stedman?

  138. mysmitty

    Ziggy: “ROAD TRIP!”
    Gussie: Are we there yet?
    Hugo: I’m carsick
    Emmett: I don’t think we’re moving…

  139. Melissa Motylinski

    Dude if these buckets can hold us just think of how many treats can fit in here:)

  140. Ester Nelson

    “Hey, where do you think we’re going?” “I don’t know, I can’t see that far over the bucket!”

  141. Peggy Banner

    Training, training, training, wait, wait, wait… I just want to sleep now.

  142. Michelle

    Is she coming? Quick HIDE!!!!

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