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Top 5 Polar Bear Photos Of The Week

Oh my, these big furry polar bears are adorable! Take a look at the live cam to see them playing, snuggling and strolling together. Here are five of the best polar bear photos of the week.

Family is Good

Family is Good Even if you miss the best viewing hours of our live polar bear cam (8am – 4pm central time), you can catch some of the best highlights thus far right here or peruse one of the Polar Bear International photo albums. Did You Know? “Polar bears live only in Arctic areas that

The Polar Bear Buggy Cam is LIVE

The Polar Bear Buggy Cam is LIVE  As of yesterday, the crew trekked the Arctic snow and got up close with some of the amazing bears. The Lodge Cam has been live for a couple weeks and now what we’ve all been waiting for – the annual Buggy Cam! The buggy roams the tundra for

The team is up in the Tundra

The team is up in the Tundra preparing the live cam as the polar bears of Canada enter the sleeping hibernation and gather along the shores of Hudson Bay to wait for the ice to form so they can return to their seal-hunting grounds. A few viewer questions were answered this week about Churchill and

Check out the polar bear lodge cam!

Check out the polar bear lodge cam! These two at first seemed like they were fighting, but it soon became clear that the wrestling was playful. Possibly a male and female in a mating wrestle? You never know what you might catch on the cam! The Tundra Buggy Lodge is strategically situated for optimum polar