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Little Puppy, Big Job

This little guide dog puppy in training is going to have a very big job someday.

Congratulations To Queen And Ivy

This week we’re proud to offer our congratulations to Queen and Ivy! After a year of love, guidance and lessons from their puppy raisers and months of diligent training with Leader Dogs, these two are leaving their campus with the status they have been preparing their whole lives to receive: working Leader Dogs. Though it’s a

An Exciting Week!

This week was filled with excitement at Leader Dogs for the Blind! Especially for Queen and her new friend Anita Nelson! The two were introduced to her each other just a few days ago and are clearly a perfect pair (they both have blonde hair too)! After months of patience and learning, Queen was finally

Almost There!

Ivy, Queen and Wilson are now only a few days away from becoming full-fledged Leader Dogs. Leader Dogs for the Blind met up with the Dog Care Team and these three adorable pooches to take a peek at the last few “must-do’s” before they meet their new partners. First comes a good grooming. This consists

Queen’s Training

An inmate at the Ft. Dodge Correctional Facility, located in Webster County, Iowa was first introduced to golden retriever puppy Queen on August 26, 2011. For 12 months, he raised Queen just like any other puppy raiser, only he did it during his sentence at the correctional facility.  “I started to raise because I thought

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